The Geeks

KimchrisbreakWe’re Kim and Chris, tech-savvy wanderers. We have successful careers while traveling the country in our RV, but things didn’t start out that way.

We met in 1999 and married in 2001. Together, we started to understand what we wanted from our careers (both consultants, Kim in eCommerce and Chris in Large Data Storage). We also started having an appreciation for all things Sci-Fi and Technology. Whether it was TV (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Star Trek to The Walking Dead) or Movies (based on Marvel Comics, mostly) to Technology (from Computers to Smartphones to Photography to Drones), we continually find new passions in these spaces.

Throughout our relationship, we’ve lived in seven places in three states. By 2010, by most people’s standards we were living the American Dream. We had a 4200 square foot house, had fixed it from “in need of a lot of work” into people’s dream house. We had taken advantage of our technical expertise by building a state-of-the art theater in the basement, surround sound throughout the house, made it comfortable while also making it a show-ready home in a top-notch school district.

After a visit from friends and a long conversation, we realized this dream was someone else’s, and we didn’t want to live in one place, even the great house it was, and were tired of focusing all our efforts (monetarily and emotionally) into what was just a house.

We both had jobs that allowed us to travel. We wanted to take advantage of the freedom our jobs offered while we could at a young enough age to enjoy it. In three years we changed the entire house into what everyone seemed to want.  We could do it again if we desired, but we knew that if we didn’t travel now, we may not get the chance again. As a friend said, “You guys have itchy feet!”

We put our home on the market in February 2015 and had seven offers in less than a week. After some unfortunate drama with some, we worked with a great buyer who understood what she was buying. We sold 95% of our possessions (only a couch, bed, desk and lots of technology remained) and moved ourselves, our dogs and cats into an apartment as we went RV shopping.

After over a year of researching, touring, attending RV shows and talking to countless dealers, we put a deposit on our first RV in September 2015. The build date was December 2015.

We moved in right away and spent the holiday season of December 2015 into the New Year in it.We hope that outlining the process will help you get some answers to your questions about touring the U.S. in a motorhome. No one comes into this lifestyle with all the answers and while others helped us along the way via their blogs and on Facebook, we learned some lessons the hard way. No matter how much research we did, how many people we talked to, how many varying opinions we received, we found out some things by just going through the process.

The road may be less-traveled but everyone can benefit from others who take a similar path. We hope our voice is helpful to you as you discover your own road less traveled, and maybe help you embrace your inner geek as well.

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