Geek Tails

You may notice we mention our pets, and it may be often. We kept them in mind when researching the perfect motorhome for our family because for us, they are part of our family. You’ll see that there are pictures of five pets, even though we only have two with us. That’s because they’ll always be family. In order of their pictures they are Ally, Sommer, Piper, Nala and Bailey.


Sommer –  A brown tabby who is 18 years young and is more dog-like. She with the most interesting eyes and stripes that go on forever. We may call her “old lady” but that’s because she has a crotchety meow. She’s still a kitten at heart and is known to many of our co-workers as a member of the team, thanks to her interjecting her meows on calls.

Piper – A chihuahua/rat terrier mix, Piper is a little dog full of chihuahua attitude. She’s our bat-puppy with all ears and 15 years of experience in being cute and a metabolism to be envied. She shocks everyone with her age versus her look. She doesn’t look a day over 8.

Rest In Peace
– 2002 – 2017 – A chihuahua/jack russell mix who aimed to please. Ally taught us that she wasn’t a bad puppy, we were just very poorly-trained parents. We trained each other. She was the most chill dog ever. She had a medical record as long as our RV thanks to cushings among 8 million other things. She was known by her vets as the “miracle dog”. We lost her in May 2017. Heart dog.

Nala – 2000-2016 –  She was our Siamese (if you please). Even at 16 years old, she was pretty and she knew it. She brought us gifts at night and since she was indoors-only, these gifts are comprised of dog toys. We googled it and it was either because 1) she’d brought us gifts because she liked us (thanks Nala) or 2) she thought we were too dumb to figure out how to catch our own dog toys (um, thanks Nala). We lost her on the last day of 2016. Goodbye dear friend.

Bailey – 1999 – 2009 – our big buff/yellow cat with the heart of a lion and the roar of a mouse, he left us way too soon at 10 years old with brain cancer. He was known as “Buddy” and was a shy guy until he got to know you, and once he got to know you, you had to pet him. He was our first adoptee as a couple.