Do you both really work full-time?
Yes. We get steady paychecks from actual companies, and in return we work a full 40(+++) hours for the convenience of said paychecks. We also own a couple technology-based businesses as side-projects.

Can you answer a few questions about how to fix my motorhome’s engine?
No. We are not mechanics and you really don’t want to take advice from us. We’ll certainly give you empathy but we cannot dispense advice beyond “find a qualified mechanic”.

Are you available to write for our site, speak at our conference or do other media work?
We will contribute to local and national media as RV Lifestyle evangelists. We are also available for speaking engagements. Please Contact Us for more information.

I want to help you with your site/sell stuff/have you pay me for a service you don’t even know you want!
That’s nice of you, but if you really want to Contact Us, do it on the form. See? We listed there twice for you. You’ll find this form in the footer as well as mentioned many times in this site, in FAQs, in the About Us section. Please do NOT comment in posts and advertise your services within the comment, as it will not be published (all comments are monitored for this very reason) and doing so in such a way will make us want to rebel and want your services even less.

I really like your post and need to contact you about a service I offer. I’ll just comment about how I like your post and then advertise my service within the comment. That’s ok, right?
See, you’re being kind of sneaky there. We like compliments, who doesn’t? But if you attempt to disguise your advertising within your comment and try to butter us up with a compliment, we’ll see it and we will not allow it to be published. So Contact Us instead, and we’re all good. And if you were to (hmmm…let’s make something up that no one would ever do, shall we?) advertise about your services under a post memorializing our recently-deceased kitty, not only are you being sneaky but being kind of a jerk. So, hey, Contact Us directly, don’t be sneaky and don’t be kind of a jerk. K?

I hear that living in a motorhome is cheaper than living in a house! I want to do what you do!
Not so fast. You need to be realistic about your current living situation and understand what it takes to own a motorhome. It carries all the responsibilities of a house. Maybe our site can help you along but this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Hopefully you’ll read about what we did right and what we did wrong, so if you are interested in the lifestyle, you’ll be a step ahead.

Can you help me install my wireless router?
No. We know enough about technology than to blindly advise over the net. Please read our blog for ideas on what we did, but we cannot tell you what to do on your own rig or in your home.

You guys are clueless. I want to find very specific information about x, y & z. You don’t have any information on it. Where do I go?
You may be right there. Hopefully you’ll learn something from this site, but you can also check out the “Inspiration” link under the About Us navigation.

I’m trying to get my product some exposure. Can I give it to you for free and you’ll give a positive review?
We accept free stuff, sure, we’re not dense. We cannot guarantee a positive review, or any review at all, as a result of you giving it to us for free. Reviews are reserved for items that we actually have used for the purpose of living in an RV.

Write something for me and you’ll get exposure!
“Exposure” sounds more like a way to get arrested rather than a good thing. No thanks. But hey – if you’d like us to write something in exchange for that sweet TV we’ve had our eye on, sure thing. Oh, and Sommer has requested you throw in catnip. The dogs aren’t easily bought. Make it three oops we mean four bags of Biscuits by Lambchop. Make it a lifetime supply and they’ll commit mom and dad to a life of writing servitude. Unfortunately for them we keep them away from the computers so if you want to reach out, please use the Contact Us form.

I want to republish your post! How do I do it?
This site, and everything written within it, is protected by United States Copyright law. What does that mean?
Only we, the owners of this site, may:
• Make copies of our work;
• Distribute copies of our work;
• Perform and/or display our work publicly;
• Make “derivative works” (including making modifications, adaptations or other new uses of a work, or translating the work to another media).
But if you decide to re-publish a part (not all) of our work under Copyright law, you should:
• Credit and link back to the original piece;
• Contact us using the Contact Us form if you would like to re-post any part of our work where we may, in turn, approve or not approve re-posting of our work.

What about guest posts? I have some great ideas!
Thank you, but we are not accepting guest posts at this time. Please select the Contact Us form to see if we can work together in any way, but this site is for now a spot for us to share our experiences.

I see a lot of pictures of you and your motorhome from the air. How do you guys do that?
Through pictures and videos taken by a drone owned by our company SkyOptic Studios. Check us out here: www.skyopticstudios.com.

What is the meaning of life?
42, duh (Source: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams).

Yes. Always.

Please don’t insult us with questions with obvious answers. The answer is yes. Always.

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About Us

We’re Kim and Chris, tech-savvy wanderers. Contact us here.

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