• Buh bye! September 1, 2017

    After spending 4 months in Breckenridge, CO, the time has come to leave to our long trek back to Florida for the winter. We’d love to stay, but there’s this thing called “snow” that we aren’t too fond of. And in the mountains, snow is abundant. It’s not you, Breckenridge, it’s us.

    We had no intent on visiting Breckenridge last year when friends we met in Red Bay, AL (Tiffin campground, where hopeful sad broken Tiffins go to get fixed) said, “Oh, you’re going to Colorado? You must do Tiger Run!” We were late to the game and only were able to book 5 days straight, but those 5 days were prolonged thanks to a cancellation of someone who was supposed to stay 6 weeks. We fell in love with Summit County and knew we would return.

    So first let’s get some bads out of the way: we were struggling with water pressure all summer. We at first blamed our filter so changed the filter. After a week, same issue. Even with the water pump on, it was abysmal. When we went to our new location, we told ourselves if it was the same issue we’d have to get it checked. We didn’t need to. It was Tiger Run and all Tiger Run. Their internet and cellular were also horrible, particularly considering the price they charge.

    Now, onto the goods which are more about the area than the campground.

    Right before Memorial Day as we arrived, we were met with snow! Hey there, snow. We don’t like you much. No offense. But it was kind of a laughable snow.

    Kind of a wet snow!


    We celebrated two national holidays.

    We crossed the Continental Divide (what a shockaroo!).

    Proof that we were here

    We had our friends Chloe, Brendan, Michael and Lehnanne visit us (not together).

    We attended many, many festivals. They were filled with surprisesbad-for-you food and many alcoholic drinks.

    Entrance to the BBQ festival

    We met furry friends. This was on the trails of Copper Mountain where we attended the Cider Festival (yes, another festival, and yes, it was mmm mmmmm good!).

    Going to town on that pinecone.

    We ate a lot of local fare, most of which was imported from elsewhere.

    Best non-New Haven pizza there is!

    We traded in our old bikes for new ones and went on many many bike rides on the trails here. One thing about biking in this area – there are always people who are much more experienced bikers and much less experienced. Being “average” isn’t a bad thing. This was our “typical” view which is pretty incredible. The most tiring ride was from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain – all uphill – where we attended the Cider Festival. After spending a couple hours attending that, we were happy the ride back to Breckenridge was all downhill.

    Typical bike trail. Doesn’t get old.

    We played Dirty Marbles, a game that is popular at Tiger Run. Think of it as “Sorry” where the goal is kind of being cutthroat against your opponent. As a result of playing, we met some great people.

    We broke rules. (Backstory: this is a large grassy area that is designated for a large fire pit, but no one follows the rule of no pets allowed. This is because it is a common area. After two months of fighting Piper who pulled towards the smells left by other dogs there, we stopped fighting it. Piper is a rule-breaker, technically, not us. Rebel.)


    We saw the eclipse in our own private field.

    Uber cool glasses

    We saw some things that made us feel like we were on an acid trip.

    Pterodactyls with weird face in the middle of downtown Breckenridge. Of course.

    We enjoyed the great outdoors. Breckenridge is perfection during the summer. No humidity. Doesn’t get over 79 degrees. Temperate. We used the fire pit often at night.

    So adieu, Breckenridge. Thank you for a great summer.

    Buh bye Summit County!

  • There Goes the Sun August 24, 2017

    We kind of argued with ourselves in regards to the eclipse. We were in Breckenridge which was supposed to have 90% totality. Having been to Wyoming and not itching to get back there, do we stay? Do we go? We didn’t really have equipment to capture the eclipse so even if we were to be there in person, just our memories would need to hold us through. We opted to stay in Breckenridge.

    Prime eclipse viewing was scheduled for 11:45 Mountain Time. We headed out around 9:45 to search for the prime viewing area. We found it – a field next to a pull off near the White River National Forest in Dillon. It wasn’t a pull off with designated parking spaces so no one was there. We took our laptops for work, our chairs, some sunscreen (for Kim) and listened to music in a huge field. It got dim which was the strangest feeling. One thing we hadn’t anticipated? How COLD it would get. Sure, we were in the mountains but the temperature dropped by easily 7 degrees.

    Some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

    Setting up in our field of dreams

    Other side of our view – not shabby

    Uber cool glasses

    Pictures captured it well, no? (sarcasm)

    So are we regretting not trekking the 11.5 hours (with traffic back into CO, as friends told us) to see totality? Not really. If we had equipment, maybe, but we don’t. It was a pleasant morning, neat to see with our uber cool glasses and we had a pleasant lunch afterwards. We got to see an eclipse, less the slim banana in the sky.

  • Fire on the Mountain August 18, 2017

    There is no better time to do a review of a firepit right after a fire ban, no? You may have seen our area on the news (our families certainly did with people coming out of the woodwork ensuring we were safe…we are!) that there have been some forest fires and evacuations as a result of some careless people.

    So do as we say, not as we do. Start a fire. And do it without much muss or fuss.

    What: Flame Genie Wood Pellet Fire Pit
    Where to Buy: Amazon or direct from manufacturer
    Price: Around $100

    If you’re like us, you don’t like to buy bulky items (where you ask “where on earth we’re going to store the thing?”). If you’re also like us, you like to have campfires even if the site you’re renting doesn’t have a fire pit. This is the perfect solution for both problems. The Flame Genie is compact (you can keep it in tact when stationed somewhere for a while but also easily break it down, and there’s also a handy dandy carrying case you can purchase!), burns wood pellets instead of wood (the pellets basically disintegrate upon burning, making a small pile of ash) and boy, does it make a big warm fire! And unlike campfires that smell up the whole joint, it burns pretty clean and you won’t find smoldering the next day because you neglected to properly put it out. It burns out quickly. And you won’t reek of that fire smell. It burns clean. And your neighbors,  who may not like the fire part of the campground, will have no qualms with you using this nifty device.

    There are some downsides. You have to keep feeding the fire with just the right amount of pellets (too few makes the fire collapse, too many chokes the fire) and it may take a couple of tries to figure out what that amount is. Its kind of like a video game in that way, so perhaps that’s an upside. You also have to purchase pellets, gel and long matches so it isn’t like you can just open the box and start a fire. These are relatively cheap, easy to find and easy to store.

    Would Buy Again: Oh hell yes. Coming from a state campground where fires were a staple to a private campground where your site is 100% dependent on the site owner (where we have flowers in the fire pit because their fire pit is rather pathetic), we love this little fire pit. It may be small but it packs a huge fire and big heat.

    Buy it here:


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