• Purrfect Circle July 14, 2017

    So this isn’t really an RV issue. It’s a pet owner issue. Pet owners – no matter where you live – understand this. We had a lot of loss over the last six months. We lost Nala in December 2016 and six months later we lost Ally. Starting as far back as Bailey who passed away in 2009 (our first adoptee, our first loss), we always had the internal struggle of “Should we adopt another?” We always opted against it since there were so many pets already, so many personalities to meld and age.

    When you have a pet with special needs, after they pass away there’s not only  hole in your heart but there’s also a kind of hole in your brain. The constant thinking of “I-have-to-give-her-pills-and-then-take-her-to-the-vet-and-then-have-to-keep-an-eye-on-her-eating-and-make-sure-she-doesn’t-do-something-that-will-hurt-her” is no longer needed. On the one hand, the constant worry is gone and you have to retrain your brain to stop it. On the other, you didn’t mind it so much because they add so much to your life.

    The pill daily routine for one elderly pet

    We thought about adopting another pet after Ally died. There was a hole in our hearts when Nala died but with Ally, we knew there’s no way she’d accept any new kitty. When Ally died, the hole became bigger. We hadn’t had only two pets in over 18 years and it was a bizarre feeling. So we looked. Y’all! If you are just thinking about getting a pet, do NOT go to petfinder. It will break your heart. You will want to adopt 50 animals. There’s a reason why rescue groups have high standards, to stop the bleeding hearts like us from adopting them ALL. We were binge watching Leverage at the same time, and as fate would have it, there were three cats who fit our criteria (older, special needs in some way) in our area with the names of characters from Leverage: Nathan, Sophie and Parker. Kismet, right?

    Nathan, found here:

    Notice we kept talking about us during this time. We wanted to adopt. We wanted to give a needy pet a home. But what about our other pets? We knew Piper would be fine. She’s kind of a lil’ thing, small enough for a cat to ignore or care for. Sommer, on the other hand, was trying to figure out the order of the household still and she is also a special needs kitty. She has hyperthyroidism, a heart issue and because of the latter has a history of seizures. We didn’t want to adopt and give her a heart attack.

    Stripes never clash

    So we asked the vet. At first, he gave us the line of “Well, all kitties are different and you can’t predict their personalities.” Then he looked again at her records and said, as if realizing her age for the first time (as she looks pretty darned spry for her age) “This cat is 18 years old. Unless she is showing that she wants someone else, or is trying to walk with you in a pack, or seems to be looking for something she can’t find, let her just live in the status quo.” Sommer played, slept, ate, drank, talked, living her life happily. She even learned some new tricks by jumping up on the bed (this hasn’t happened in years) and making a new sleep nook there. She seemed to be kind of enjoying the new world order. Nope, she didn’t want it. And being 18 years old, we can respect that. Without introducing anything new, we’re happy.

    A cat can never have too many toys

    So we will continue life as we know it. We love our pets and will continue to be content with them. They are both our joys. Every day they make us smile. A flick of the tail, the look of wonder, a peep of joy…these are things we get simply by entering a room, or holding a ping pong ball, or simply stating their names.

    With that, if you are looking to add to your own brood and you think “it’s time”, we recommend Nathan or one of the many other adoptable kitties looking for a loving home. There are so many of them and there is so much love just waiting for you…at the right time.

  • Big Beers July 2, 2017

    The summer is festival time for the Breckenridge area. Who knew? We aren’t ones to be “food” tourists. You know what we mean – you ask people to list places to see in the area and 99% of what they list are restaurants. We aren’t those types, but you add the word “festival” to the end of that? We’re game.

    Attack of the Big Beers (and Grilled Cheese)

    After the Frisco BBQ festival, we kind of expected it to be a madhouse, although we’d never been to Copper Mountain so didn’t know what to expect. “Big Beers” was defined as beers brewed in “high gravity”. Perhaps it was the location, perhaps it was the attendance, but it wasn’t nearly as warm and didn’t seem as packed. The vendor attendance was “meh”. Like the BBQ festival, you paid with tickets and had to guess how many you’d need.

    View from the lift.

    One word of advice – do NOT order tickets for anything off of your iPad. Dropdowns are tricky on the iPad, and you may accidentally purchase 60 more tickets than you intended. Because there weren’t a ton of vendors, there weren’t a lot of places to spend tickets. Luckily for us, we’re never ones to turn down an opportunity to purchase a coffee, t shirt or jacket, and local Copper Mountain vendors accepted tickets.  We attempted to skip the lines for tickets by ordering online but had to pick tickets up at Will Call anyhow. Save yourself the accidental purchase and just go to the event and purchase there. It also helps to see what the festival is all about – we aren’t HUGE beer drinkers so there’s only so many samples you can drink.

    Beautiful day!

    One thing many locals have told us is that the area has really marketed the area as a Destination Wedding area. Low and behold, there was a wedding event at the top of the mountain. We saw it because we took the ski lift to catch some nice views (the lift was free to attendees of the festival…and the wedding). Admittedly we wondered why on earth anyone would wear a suit to a Big Beer & Grilled Cheese festival.

    The wedding

    Good luck kids!

    Turns out the suit-wearers were going to the wedding. It turns out the bride and groom were named “Emily and Randy” as per the ski lift sign. Congrats Emily and Randy Whateveryourlastnameis!

  • Mess of Mama’s BBQ June 21, 2017

    The Breckenridge area isn’t just about mountains! We were lucky to attend the Frisco BBQ Festival which is a haven if you like BBQ, beer, ice cream or all of the above.

    Entrance to the festival

    We saw a few vendors staying in our RV park, along with amazingly huge smokers and trailers. We didn’t see the train smoker in our park but found it at the festival.

    Smoker disguised as train

    First thing’s first: you cannot use cash at this event. You need to buy tickets, called “Hogbacks” (why not Hogcash? We don’t know). This is something that’s hard to predict. We ended up wasting $10 worth of tickets because we ate and drank enough, so donated it to a family of 5 on our way out.

    There were about 70 vendors. Most were selling pork, brisket or beer, but some went against the grain and had some fineries such as (wait for it) frozen cheesecake on a stick!

    It started off as a temperate day but with all the people and the sun shining bright, it was a HOT day (for Colorado). Still, we had a view of the snowcapped mountains.

    One ubercool part of this festival is that they really set the tone to encourage everyone to recycle. They had recycle tents with volunteers staffing each and every tent so you knew what went where.

    Recycling tent

    Throughout the day they also had bands playing. Nothing to see here. Just a bunch of guys wearing nuns’ costumes singing “London Calling”.

    Rocker nuns

    We did a lot of walking which we used as the excuse to eat a ton of food and drink a lot of drink. And yes, we did share a frozen cheesecake on a stick. Because it is frozen cheesecake on a stick. At the end of the day, we wandered towards the car but the path took us through a nice shady park. We sat on a bench and enjoyed the view for a bit before calling it a day.


    It was a nice day, and it helped mentally prepare us for the upcoming Grilled Cheese festival in late June and Mac & Cheese festival in late July!

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