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Buh bye!

After spending 4 months in Breckenridge, CO, the time has come to leave to our long trek back to Florida for the winter. We’d love to stay, but there’s this thing called “snow” that we aren’t too fond of. And in the mountains, snow is abundant. It’s not you, Breckenridge, it’s us. We had no intent on visiting Breckenridge last year when friends we met in Red Bay, AL (Tiffin campground, where hopeful sad broken Tiffins go to get fixed) said, “Oh, you’re going to Colorado? You must do Tiger Run!” We were late to the game and only were…

Life on Holiday

If you are new to RVing, or have a history of staying in a couple of places over the year and don't typically travel, you may kind of know to book early-ish for remembrance and holiday weekends (typically Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day are the trifecta of camping craziness). You may know this. However, no one can properly prepare you for how ridiculously prepared you need to be if you have your eyes on an area, particularly if that area involves the words "State" and "Park" in it. Let's back this fun bus up: how crazy are we talking?…

Cabinet Battle

A few things we learned when moving into the RV: 1) never underestimate the power of heated floors 2) your manufacturer, most likely, had one of more workers who cut corners in some way 3) the decor is seemingly naturally, shall we say, dated. It's a bit too ready for prime time. We will never regret our decision to get heated floors. We found the corners that were cut by living in the rig full-time very quickly. The decor is a work in progress. As soon as we moved in, we hated the door pulls and knobs. They were not…

The RVing You’ll Do!

You, way to go! You bought an RV. You're off on adventures! So much to see! You now have a big rig. You have it mapped out. You can now have fun that's what it's about. You've bought your stuff via Amazon Prime and YOU are the folks who are prepared for this time. You'll review Waze, Google, and RV Park Reviews. And then plan your routes you're set to cruise. With your head full of maps and your rig full of stuff, you're now ready to glamp and gloat that life's "rough"! You! The RVing you'll do! Except when you can't…

Let’s Get Physical

After over a year on the road full-time and working full-time, even after spending time outdoors, you'll find that your body could be in a rut. Many campgrounds don't have gyms, or they do have them but with nominal and/or non-working equipment. When it's nice out, yay! You can bike, hike, walk, play tennis, run, all outdoors. But if you hit monsoon season, or if you're in the Pacific Northwest where it rains often (um, every single day), or are in a place colder than you want, you want to find something to do indoors. Outdoor tennis courts run by town parks…

Park it

Let's just recap our last thirteen months. States: 13 Pennsylvania Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Florida Georgia Alabama Tennessee Arkansas Missouri Kansas Colorado Utah Nevada California Campgrounds: 20 Some of these states were pass-throughs, but we found neat little parks that if the circumstance ever warranted, we'd stay there again. Others, not so much.   To make sure our extended stays were as positive as possible, we did our research. We mainly use RV Park Reviews and Google. Read the reviews carefully, because they are very subjective. For example, if you like to have campgrounds being remote from the world, but someone…

Bitty Living Space

There is no way to really prepare for downsizing from 4200 square feet to 300 square feet. There just isn't. We did it in stages. For us, it worked better than doing it with one big bang. When we met with our realtor in October, we expected her to say we should put the home on the market in May so imagine our surprise when she said "February at the latest". Gulp. For people who moved every 3-4 years, you'd think we'd learn to purge of the stuff. Nah, we just found bigger places to put it. We knew the…

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