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Gov’t Surprises

You sometimes don't know what to expect until you actually are doing it. Sure, you can plan and prepare but even then, you come across unexpected good surprises and unexpected bad ones. We will be reviewing what those are, based on subject. The first round is about government-run campgrounds. The Good 1. COE Campgrounds. You may be wondering "what does COE mean?" We'll tell you. "COE" stands for "Corps of Engineers". They are usually located near water and you won't generally find camphosts greeting you and showing you to the non-existent pool, but what bang you get for your buck! These are…

Accidental Tourists

We happened upon Breckenridge all thanks to friends we met at the Tiffin campground when we were all in the same boat of not wanting to be there. We had to get items fixed that no one else seemed to be able to fix. We compared notes of where we had traveled and they said "Oh, you're going to Colorado? You need to visit Breckenridge!" We were able to extend our short week visit last year to almost two months last year, thanks to a cancelled reservation (thank you, people who cancelled). This year we decided to stay the entire…

Views from the Road

In discussing travel with fellow wanderers, someone said to us "You're either a lake person or an ocean person." We don't exactly agree but get the meaning. There are types of people who find pleasure in seeing rolling fields, or mountains, or oceans, or lakes, or other above any other. We aren't tied to one over another, although admit that seeing 200 miles of farmland and nothing else can get boring (because we aren't farm people). There are people who feel that "views" only equate to one type of view (ocean people seem to think that ocean views are the…

Where the Helicopters Come

We wanted to do a helicopter ride around the Grand Canyon for our anniversary. It was (lucky) number 15, we were in Vegas, we felt a moral imperative to go. We did some research online and Sundance Helicopters got great reviews. We went with the Grand Canyon Sunset picnic tour in the EC-130 upgrade (more windows to see the sights). We were considering the private helicopter but decided it wasn't worth the astronomical cost. The limo picked us up an hour and a half before the scheduled tour and we checked in about an hour early (based on region of where…

You’ll Be Back

Geeks come in all forms. Most people think of "geek" as someone who is into sci-fi. Sure, we like sci-fi. But we're also theater geeks. Well, Kim is, and has slowly but surely turning Chris into one. Even non-theater geeks know Hamilton is a must on the "to see" list. When we found out it was opening in San Francisco, we immediately knew we needed to go. Disclaimer: we understand that this review will make or break the show. With that power comes great responsibility. Luckily we have nothing but good things to say. Lin Manuel Miranda is breathing a…


This will be a breathing list because we're always moving! That said, here are the ones that top our "best of" list  and why. Full disclosure: This is completely subjective. There is no point system, no scientific method. It's all whim. Best Area: Tiger Run Resort, Breckenridge CO - For us the location was perfect. You'll be a stone's throw from bike/running paths, near everything and tons of local flavor in both Frisco and Breckenridge. Pros of this campground are nice wide, paved roads. Lots of greenspace for the dogs. Amazing views and prime location. Breckenridge, for us, was a place…


If you happen to have an extra 80 million dollars laying around, buying the Castello Di Amorosa winery might be a good investment. If you don't, spend the $50 each person for a tour and reserve tasting. It's a good second place, perhaps. [caption id="attachment_605" align="alignleft" width="404"] Private wine cellar[/caption]   This is the place you want to be in the time of a zombie apocalypse. First, and most obviously, you have WINE. They have lots of places to store. Even though the 2007 and 2008 (or was it 2012/2013?) batches were "trashed" because the owner didn't like the product,…

Mum’s the word!

We decided to take the plunge in September 2014, after a fateful visit from our friends Chloe and Brendan. They came to us after visiting the Hershey RV show, telling us of their plans to live in an RV, us secretly saying "Y'all are crazy" and then being secretly persuaded...little by little. We waved goodbye, said again "Y'all are crazy" and started thinking. And thinking. And talking. A lot. The next day, I wrote Chloe a note "Oh, nothing important to tell you. Great to see you. Oh, and we just decided to sell everything and live in a motorhome.…

Park it

Let's just recap our last thirteen months. States: 13 Pennsylvania Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Florida Georgia Alabama Tennessee Arkansas Missouri Kansas Colorado Utah Nevada California Campgrounds: 20 Some of these states were pass-throughs, but we found neat little parks that if the circumstance ever warranted, we'd stay there again. Others, not so much.   To make sure our extended stays were as positive as possible, we did our research. We mainly use RV Park Reviews and Google. Read the reviews carefully, because they are very subjective. For example, if you like to have campgrounds being remote from the world, but someone…

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