Let’s Get Physical

After over a year on the road full-time and working full-time, even after spending time outdoors, you’ll find that your body could be in a rut. Many campgrounds don’t have gyms, or they do have them but with nominal and/or non-working equipment. When it’s nice out, yay! You can bike, hike, walk, play tennis, run, all outdoors. But if you hit monsoon season, or if you’re in the Pacific Northwest where it rains often (um, every single day), or are in a place colder than you want, you want to find something to do indoors. Outdoor tennis courts run by town parks can be iffy. The last outdoor tennis courts we tried were full of cracks and weeds.

Tennis, anyone?

It took us a while to figure it out, which makes no sense because the solution seems SO.SIMPLE. In smaller cities and larger towns, there are always gyms that require you to join. This wouldn’t work for people who are on the road. We didn’t want to shell out bucks for a YMCA as then you are required to find and go to a YMCA. There are national gyms where locations seem pretty vast, but then you realize they expect you to travel 45 minutes just to do 30 minutes on the treadmill. Neither solution worked. But many independent gyms will offer a day pass, a trial week pass or even a monthly pass for one rate.

We opted to start doing this. We didn’t do it right the first time. We found a great gym in the Vegas area (Lifetime Fitness), went in and signed up. The consultant (Kathy) convinced us to go month-to-month with cancellation at any time. We told her our situation and explained we needed it to be flexible. She stated that there were tons of Lifetime locations through the west coast. She also stated we could put our membership on hold if we wanted. This was fine for a bit. They had amazing indoor tennis courts (the real reason we joined, as Vegas is COLD in the winter) and we enjoyed the tennis while we were there.

When it came time to put our notice in for a hold, we were promptly told that we needed to provide 30 days notice (this was never mentioned). When we researched locations, they were easily 75 miles away from where we were staying (including major cities like San Francisco were excluded). Also, to put a membership on hold there would be a fee, and it could only be put on hold for a very short time. We opted to cancel our membership outright and complain to management. Then (and only then) were we told we could have also purchased a monthly membership without all these strings. We were shocked about how badly we were misled. Lesson learned: if you want something shorter-term, ask for it and ask to see ALL the plans available, even if not initially offered.

Most recently we checked gyms in our area and we were lucky – not only did we find a join that had a weekly pass for the nominal fee of $16 each but they also had nice indoor tennis courts. Thornbeckes has three locations and the fees are ridiculously affordable. Because of the weather we’d been having, though, remembering how to play tennis was a problem.

So this thing. What does it do?

It’s a stretcher?

It works in some way. I know it.

Forget it. Hydration time.

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