Review: Shower Triple Wall Mount Pumps

We have a glass-enclosed shower which makes things like bottles, soap and such look a bit unkempt (never mind the loofahs, they add character). They are just extra things we have to put away before driving. We saw this at Bed, Bath and Beyond and while the price was steep, thought it was perfect for the shower. They have these in singles, doubles and triples. Some other makers have them in a brighter chrome but we liked the stainless look.

We chose the triple because we (read: Kim) needed a place for shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap.

What: Triple wall mount pumps for the shower
Manufacturer: Simple Human
Where to Buy: Bed, Bath and Beyond, Amazon, Kohls
Price: $70
Would we buy it again: Yes


The Pros: Instantly cleaned up the shower. You can have your loofahs and razor all in one place.

The Cons: Other than the price tag, the biggest con to this is that you have to make sure that your conditioner is not too thick (otherwise it will clog). Originally we used Aveda’s products (Invadi) and had a terrible time with clogging. We switched to another Aveda product (Balancing conditioner) and no problems.

The Results: There are probably other items out there that are less expensive, but this works for us and we liked the look. It has become of the daily routine and at no point do we say “Gee, wish those bottles were back”.

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