Rise up!

Our lovely Nala kitty loved sleeping in the booth of the RV. We suspect it was corner buttery feel of the booth itself, but who knows. That was kind of the problem – she was the only one who chose to use it. Chris used it as a desk but it was out of necessity than want. We had to face the fact that other than a “cat sleeping area” it wasn’t functional. When we tried eating at it, we knocked knees and the surface was too small. So no, not functional at all.

Booth Before

After months of research, we opted to install a desk that would work for us. It made sense. We work from home and it could function as an additional seating area. We used that area as a desk anyhow.

After planning, we found a carpenter who also did the woodworking for the RV resort where we were staying for the winter. Ron Gatchell listened to what we wanted and immediately drew up plans. He was a month out of being able to start so we gathered parts over time including the computer itself. So what were the basics? Well, a computer of course. A place for laptops. A place for a large monitor. A place for a keyboard. A place for wires.

The desk drawers would take care of the majority of these items, with exception of the monitor. Hmmmm. A 34 inch monitor is not something you can shove in the closet and we wanted it to be semi-permanent, as we already had two TVs in that area. We didn’t want a permanent third but wanted it to be convenient for us. After some research we found Nexus 21 Concealment Systems. They largely specialize in boats but were very interested in working with us on the RV. They were very helpful with any and all questions they had. Their contribution to the desk is, quite honesty, the coolest. Just you wait!

So with the vital items in hand and with the help of Michael Kidd (of Coach Proxy and Vegas Envy), we removed the booth. As for the darker area on the carpet, judge not lest ye be judged.

Blank slate

Installing the lift took some time. See, you need to make very small adjustments so the lift doesn’t knock the monitor into the box window valance. It could get ugly otherwise.

The Lift, with creative solutioning

Meanwhile, Ron worked on the desk and top. He had a few cutouts – one for the monitor and a couple for the wires/plugs. The monitor cutout was tricky because it wasn’t just a hole. It needed to lift when the monitor pushed through and had to close after the monitor was put away. We also had two small circular cutouts for electrical and USB hubs.

Top with cutout for monitor

When Ron installed the box part of the desk, we realized the other thing we miscalculated was the height of the desk. The height, even with the chair lifted all the way up, was still too high so elbows were hurting. This was our miscalculation but Ron was very reasonable and quick in getting the height just an inch lower. It took him an hour.

This is the final product.

Desk After Install

And no desk is complete without a chair.

Desk with chair

But wait, there’s more! Where’s the monitor, you ask? Remember the picture of the cutout of the top? Also, remember the picture of the lift? They are combined. Now don’t be ashamed if you sound like those aliens from Toy Story about to see The Claw. You will join us and we can be aliens together. Or perhaps we are Gene Wilder from Young Frankenstein exclaiming “It’s alive!”

Ready? Rise, monitor! Rise! Rise from nowhere! Rise to fulfill your destiny! (Also, while you’re doing that, go back down to sleep. Do both.)

Recap of people, services and solutions:
Desk: Ron Gatchell
Lift: Nexus 21 Concealment Systems
Amazon purchases: In-Desk USB Hub
In-Desk Electric Multiport Hub

4 comments on “Rise up!
  1. Patricia Burger says:

    That is really cool. Looks very nice.

  2. Teresa says:

    Ooooooh…nice. We’re gonna do a desk remodel too, but due to space and budget limitations we’re doing the one that goes around the dining table. I’ll just come back here and play your video when I want to see the super-cool version of a desk remodel 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for the woodworking and electrical systems?

    • Geek RV says:

      The lift itself is $1k and the build was about $3k but is completely dependent on the builder and area. This included the order of the customized top to match the rest of our counters (from Tiffin, ordered in a sheet). Our friends at Turtle Herding did a similar set up but they were able to re-use materials due to their layout (they had the buffet/chairs instead of the booth). Check it out! https://turtleherding.com/2017/04/office-space/

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