Snow (Hey Oh)

One wouldn’t think that traveling anywhere in April would bring snow. Then, one has been wrong before. One was very, very wrong.

We had a lovely time in California, but it was time to move on. We were excited to get our “Welcome to Oregon” picture, only to have that plan thwarted by realizing “Wait, that isn’t rain. That’s snow!” Then the white knuckling began, for sheer fact that we’d never driven the rig in anything lower than 45 degrees. We’d only been in the mountains during the dead of summer. What a difference 500 feet makes.

So obviously we have never driven in snow before, by design. We follow the temperate weather. Winter was too cold for us in Vegas at 45-50 degrees. So yes, this surprised us a bit. This wasn’t a blizzard. It was a few flakes. Still, what do you do?

Trees. Trees with flakes.









First, there were a lot of truckers on the road at the time. We followed them.

They do this professionally. We used judgement though. There was one guy who was swerving and obviously checking his cell phone. We skipped him.

There were another round of truckers who pulled to the side of the road in the “brake check” lane. We opted to not do that and follow those who didn’t check. Could’ve been a mistake, but we’ll never know thankfully.

Second, we took our time. That Fiat who is in a hurry to get over the mountain in record time? Go for it. There are two lanes. We stuck to the right lane.

Third, we enjoyed it. We knew it wasn’t going to last forever. It wasn’t a treacherous snow. Flakes! Look at those!

And then we declined by about 500 feet. And poof. It was gone. By the time we knew what had happened, it was over.

500 feet lower

And now we miss the snow…yeah, no we don’t.

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