Texas State Fair

We were going to go straight from Austin to Louisiana until we found out that the Texas State Fair was coming to Dallas. It apparently was huge so we had to do it. To quote the movie Real Genius, it was a moral imperative.

It was indeed big. The food was meh. We saw the vendors and were drooling over the mentions of fried this and fried that. One big bummer is that the state fair had the concept of tickets. Each ticket is worth 50 cents and were a big pain in the butt. The other odd part was that the games required a separate game card, not purchased with tickets (so two payment systems).

The food included fried everything – fruit loops, smores, pumpkin pie and sliders. We also had beef on a stick.


Fried Amores

Fried Sliders

Beef on a Stick

Fried Fruit Loops

The sights were better than the food. Many from above thanks to a Ferris Wheel.



They were doing a taping of some kind of Carnival Eats with kids, and Guy Fieri was on hand to keep us all entertained.

Guy Fire

From Above

Ferris wheel at night

You explain it. We can’t!

Big Tex

So would we do it again? Sure, if in the are, we totally would go again but wouldn’t go out of our way to be there. We spent a TON of time there (at least 6 hours) and enjoyed walking around the fair, everything was paved so made for easy walking. We would not get as excited for the food but was still fun!

One comment on “Texas State Fair
  1. Julie says:

    Wow! That is huge! I’ve never heard of fried front loops, but I’ve had (and loved, fried Oreos.

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