The RVing You’ll Do!

You, way to go!
You bought an RV.
You’re off on adventures!
So much to see!

You now have a big rig.
You have it mapped out.
You can now have fun
that’s what it’s about.

You’ve bought your stuff via Amazon Prime
and YOU are the folks who are prepared for this time.

You’ll review Waze, Google, and RV Park Reviews.
And then plan your routes you’re set to cruise.
With your head full of maps and your rig full of stuff,
you’re now ready to glamp and gloat that life’s “rough”!

You! The RVing you’ll do!

Except when you can’t embark.
Because, sometimes, you need to park.

Apologies, my friend
Stuff happens to you.
The lumps
or the health scares
It’s sad but it’s true.

You can bump a pole
at the gas place
And your plans will stay still
You’ll slow down your pace.

You will scold yourself
You will want to quit.
Other campers will help you
Saying “Hey, we’ve all done it”.

You’ll get the bump fixed up
With an nasty invoice
You will feel uneasy about driving
But you will have no choice.

Somehow you’ll leave
after that money and waiting
You’ll find amazing people and sites
Where campfires are awaiting!

You! The RVing you’ll do!

There are parties that are hearty!
There are great places you can go with that rig
You will go to campsites that are gorgeous
Where you won’t be too big.
Reviews! They’ll say what’s up and sites will be enormous.
They’ll be awesome, ya dig?

Except when they are yucky
Because sometimes you’re unlucky.

Sometimes the websites lie
Just to get you to buy
The reviews are kind of subjective
Each camper has their own objective.

You’ll move on to the next place
Glad you didn’t prepay.
Finding your next home base
Next time not so easy to sway.

On you’ll go – down roads,
Through the rain and sleet
And face the weather
And low bridges to meet.

Navigation will lie, of course,
as you probably know.
You’ll get turned around
RV-unfriendly routes as you go.

Get a trucker app
Drive and mind the gap
and remember that with much ground
you can always turn around.

You’re big, people will stop for you.
Take your time, breathe, and phew!
After all is said and done, will you have fun?
Yes! It’ll be second to none!

Nala Girl

Except when a pet is under the weather
But you’re in this together.
You find a vet to help you cope
Based on their condition, they give you no hope.

One is a miracle pet, the other succumbed,
Together you hold each other up.
You join hands and paws, with feelings that are numbed.
And be happy with the time you have together, people, cats and pups.

When you go uphill
and the rig is doing everything but hurry
Know that loose wires on the transmission
Can cause quite a flurry.
Just pull off the exit
take a break, restart.
Get over that 8% grade
And know keeping calm is an art.

There are places to see, people to visit
If you don’t stop to look around once in a while you might miss it.
Ferris Bueller said that, wise guy he was.
Quick stops, long stops, everything in between.
Seeing family and friends because
They reinforce why you do this, they’re part of the scene.

Yay! Go you!
You bought an RV.
You’re off on adventures!
So much to see!

Apologies and thanks both goes to our inspiration, Dr. Seuss’ “Oh! The Places You’ll Go!” explained here.














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